I wish we could have our friendship back...

What is it that I really want to say?
I’ve held you back and made you stay
I keep on coming up with excuses
And now I’m covering up
All these bruises

What made me want to wear my heart
On this old sleeve that’s torn apart
Told myself ‘never again I'll let this happen'
And now I’m leaving all my wounds open

*Was it the look in your eyes
Was it the way you stood by me
Was it your hand reached out for mine
Or was there something spoken inside

I’m not good at taking chances
But maybe this time I’ll try those foolish dances
Desperately trying to see if you’ll dance along
Until the music fades and the people are gone

There is nothing left for me to lose
'Cause I’m letting go of wanting everything from you

This time I’m tiptoe-ing around your thoughts
Hoping I’d get in without being caught

(c) Catherine Song 2008