Cate Song is a NYC-based singer/songwriter making introspective piano-based pop music with a touch of soul.  It's something that you'd hear if Sara Bareilles and Alicia Keys were at a jam session together.

Cate was classically trained on the piano from an early age and you can often find classical influences interwoven throughout her songs.  Growing up in the '90s, Cate was influenced by legendary pop and R&B artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men.  In college, Cate developed her piano and vocal skills while playing with various music groups and bands in churches, weddings, coffeeshops and festivals.  She discovered artists such as Derek Webb, Nichole Nordeman and Death Cab for a Cutie, and grew to love carefully-crafted lyrics.  She eventually began to write her own songs and over the span of 2003 and 2007, several songs emerged, 8 of which eventually ended up on her debut album, Images (released in December 2008).  Cate continued to hone her songwriting and released another project, Inside EP, in October 2010.  Inside EP showcases 5 songs highlighting Cate's progression as a songwriter and vocalist.

Cate connects with listeners who enjoy introspective, emotive and lyrical music.  After several years winning over audiences with captivating live performances in venues throughout New York City, Cate most recently took on a position at her church, New Life Fellowship, in Queens, NYC, where she has continued her singing and songwriting alongside a fantastic band and choir.  She has plans to release songs that have been "in the vault" unrecorded for a few years.  Her songs have been placed in many TV shows and movies around the world.  Most notably, you can find one of her songs, "Love Is A Tricky Thing" in the major motion picture, "Logan".  You can follow her latest updates on various Social Media outlets:  @catesongbird

(Header Photograph by Allison Mak)