I wrote this song for someone else and found out that I need it the most. 

I remember when your voice was loud and clear
But times like this I wonder if you're near
I try to fill the void with empty thoughts
But all that now remains is an echo of the past

*Do you hear me?
When I'm calling?
Are you sleeping while the storms around are rising?
Can you show me?
That you are ready?
'Cause I'm convinced that silence is just not enough
For me

It's hard to stay around so silently
It's easier to doubt than to believe
Do I dare to question you once again?
'Cause I cannot wait nor can I play pretend

I remember that one story clearly now
All you had to say was 'Peace, be still.'

I need to trust you
Help me to trust you

In the silence and the emptiness
I will be still
I will be still

(c) Catherine Song 2007